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{{prediction.marketSymbol}} {{ prediction.symbolName }} ({{prediction.marketSymbol.toUpperCase()}})

{{ prediction.targetPrice | number:numberformat(prediction.targetSymbol)}} {{ prediction.targetSymbol}} The exchange rate of {{prediction.marketSymbol}} to {{ prediction.targetSymbol}} is expected to be {{ prediction.targetPrice}} {{ prediction.targetSymbol}}

{{ prediction.targetTime | date:'h:mm a'}} Expected to reach the target value till UTC time: {{ prediction.targetTime | date:'medium': 'UTC'}}

{{prediction.probability*100 | number:0}} Prediction probability: {{ prediction.probability *100 | number:0}}%
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Tweets (24h)
Tweets per million market cap
Tweeters per million market cap
Exchange Rate
{{socialmarketcap.marketSymbol}} {{ socialmarketcap.symbolName }} ({{socialmarketcap.marketSymbol.toUpperCase()}}) - The social rank gets measured and computed for the period of the last 24h.

{{ socialmarketcap.tweets/1000 | number: 2 }}T

1000 Tweets. How often Tweets mentioned the currency in the given period

{{ socialmarketcap.totalTweetsToMarketCap *1000000 | number:2 }} TPMC Tweets Per Million market Capitalisation in the last day. Higher means more social recognition.

{{ socialmarketcap.tweetingUsersToMarketCap *1000000| number:2 }} PPMC Active Persons (users) Per Million market Capitalisation in the last day. Higher means more social recognition.

{{ socialmarketcap.exchangeRateUSD | number:4 }} USD Exchange rate to USD.

Social Ranking (24h)
AI Aggregated Social Opinions
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This dashboard demonstrates how big data analytics can be used to determine how popular different cryptocurrencies are on Twitter. Furthermore, it contains analytics of applied machine learning to forcasts to predict future exchange rates of crypto currencies. Please note that none of the shown data can be seen as trading advice or recommendation for investments. Therefore, iunera GmbH & Co. KG cannot be held responsible for any potential losses that might occur by doing any action based on the shown data on this page.